STRATEGIC PRIORITY 1: Christian Unity and social Cohesion

In this strategic priority the program seeks to address:

I.   The fragmentation of society and of the Christian witness in Zimbabwe

The church in Zimbabwe has not been working closely as an ecumenical force to address the internal weaknesses as well as addressing issues of national concern. There has also been evidence of lack of shared national vision that could galvanize Zimbabweans towards one vision in spite of their differences.

II.  Prevalence of violence and inadequate resolution of past ethnic, political and elections related violent conflicts:

Soon after Zimbabwe’s independence in 1980, the nation saw violent situation in which many lives were lost especially in Matabeleland. In subsequent decades, many of the violent conflicts escalated during the election period. There was also evidence of violent conflict at inter-personal and community levels.


This project uses strengthen capacity of churches and communities involved in peace-building and conflict transformation as well as creating space for Zimbabweans to convene national envisioning processes.


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