STRATEGIC PRIORITY 2: Active citizenship and good governance

In this strategic priority the program seeks to address:

I.    The general apathy towards nation-building processes

Due to the long process of anticipation of improvement of life, many Zimbabweans have become fatigued and resigned to the thinking that none of the civil actions will change the situation.

II.   The general ignorance of the opportunities that emerge from the 2013 national constitution:

Even with the finalization of the new constitution in 2013, research show that many Zimbabweans remain ignorant of the constitution and its provisions for strengthening citizenship engagement.

III.   The general lack of motivation and preparedness to vote in the upcoming elections

The elections will be taking place in the first half of 2018. This will be an election under the new Bio-metric voter registration method. Many people would have limited information about this. Young people many not be interested in voting due to past disappointment


This program intervenes by

  1. Raising awareness and interest among member churches and identified communities to the need to embrace active citizenship for nation-building processes
  2. Working with churches, civil society and the relevant agencies of the state to raise awareness of the 2013 national constitution:
  3. Carrying our voter education and general orientation of churches and identified communities to register and vote.
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